The Soul of Business: Spirituality in Organizations
October 31, 2023
01:07:4949 MB

The Soul of Business: Spirituality in Organizations

In our rapidly-evolving, digitally-dominated world, many of us seek meaning, purpose, and a deeper connection to our inner self. This quest is not confined to our personal lives; it extends to our professional environments as well.

Spirituality, therefore, is emerging as a vital component for organizational success and employee well-being.

In this episode, Sean and Uri discuss spirituality in the workplace and unpack why spiritual practices and principles are no longer just personal pursuits but essential organizational strategies.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What is spirituality and how it relates to religious beliefs.
  • The difference between personal and organizational spirituality.
  • How spirituality in the workplace can positively affect employees’ cognition, emotion, and behavior, ultimately driving organizational performance.
  • The potential of promoting mindful practices to enhance employee empathy, leadership skills, and resilience.

In our discussion, we draw on the following research:

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